WAN Wood in Architecture Award 2016 Shortlist Announced

Six shortlisted projects highlighting the best in Wood in Architecture

WAN takes up the urban challenge

On May 23rd a gathering of like-minded visionaries and innovators will assemble in central London to tackle the main issues underlying London’s housing crisis

Re-energizing downtown Detroit

This project aims to put Detroit back on the national – and even global – map for world-class architecture

WAN Small Spaces Award 2016 Shortlist Announced

12 outstanding projects showcasing the best in permanent and temporary small space design

WAN Commercial Award 2016 Winners Announced

Showcasing the very best of commercial architecture, Stinessen Arkitektur AS and Robin Partington & Partners collectively claim title

Zaha Hadid Architects bring two halves together

The world’s tallest central atrium extends 190m through the full height of this new building in Beijing

From Julia to Julius

Julius Kaggwa was born intersex, which made for a confusing, isolating and sometimes dangerous childhood growing up in Uganda.

Stanley Kwenda: Could the next Messi come out of Lagos?

One of the world's biggest football clubs, Barcelona is taking its skills to Nigeria.

Elizabeth Ohene: ‘Joining the desperadoes’

Elizabeth Ohene considers Ghanaians' wanderlust as her compatriots join those taking risks to claim asylum abroad.

Drought battle

Kenyan herders are giving their own food to animals to keep them alive during the severe drought.